Jackie Miranne

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Style Snap! Who’s feeling Fall style?! Say aye! Aye! For the return of Big Morning Buzz Live With Nick Lachey (VH1 at 9amEST), I rocked my plaid mini all over Times Square and I liked it! I liked it a lot! Thanks to one of my favorite NYFW designers, GEORGINE, for bringing the runway to TV sets everywhere today! PS: Olive green is having a huge moment in my life, a la my season’s past Schutz shoes from GILT! Fine and furry score!!!!

Photo via Steven Stuts

Style Snap! Sometimes it’s a simple transitional equation. Replace full floral shorts suit with one such work shirt (under $20 via H&M) and some denim (it’s still hot so make them cutoffs, though jeans could apply) and a rockstar belt (via Suzi Roher) because after all I AM attending Betsey Johnson’s party, errr, show! Finish it off with a savvy oversized work clutch (under $40 via Zara) and just like that, I’m workin’ it right into fall! Say hi to my one of my favorite and always fashionable fall TV dancers, Tony Dovolani! He is always well suited and “Style Snap” ready!

Style Side Note: Like my necklace? It’s new! No literally! New label alert: meet Opula Jewelry! Also, super cool zipper heels via Zara! So much “Under 100 Club” action going on it’s scary!

Style Snap! Oh wide legged pants be still my heart! Honey, let’s face it, finding a winning pair of flowing pants is like hitting the style lottery! Enter Georgine! From tent to the yacht, my sailor chic look reigned supreme! From the designer’s show at Lincoln Center to a sailing excursion with Bella Magazine, click on to see how my pants held up! Sometimes you’ve just gotta go all in glam!

Style Side Note: Don’t forget my accessories entourage: bag by Erin Dana, necklace by Jane Basch, glasses by Triple Graces, and body chain by Taguhi Designs!

Street Style Photos by Collis, Quistyle, Myesha Evon, Alberto Reyes and more!

Style Snap! Pattern party at 9am?! Yes please! This dress speaks for itself! Need I say anything more? When it comes by way of designers Falguni & Shane Peacock you know it’s going to be bold and red carpet ready! I was thrilled to be dressed by the designers personally for the Front Row, alongside Nick Cannon and more! I paired with my “Under 100 Club” accessories (clutch via Zara and shoes via H&M) for a high-low combination with endless possibilities! NYFW at it’s best ya’ll!

Style Byte With Jackie Miranne “Betsey Johnson Spring 2015”! From The Front Row! Wow! What a way to throw a party…I mean fashion show! Betsey Johnson pulled out all the stops as per her usual, and everyone was in the dancing spirit from Camille Grammer to Betsey herself with Danicing With The Stars partner, Tony Dovolani! Watch now for a preview of the pair’s dancing skills! Live from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015!